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Umar Ghuman


Umar Ghuman, Partner, has more than twenty years of experience in business and politics. A former Member of Parliament and Federal Minister of State for Investment and Privatization in Pakistan, he is an expert in government privatization and investment initiatives. He served in the Musharraf government in several appointed positions that focus on increased foreign investment in Pakistan. In another capacity he also provided lobbying services in Washington, DC for Musharraf’s government.


Prior to joining Alcalde & Fay, he was the CEO of Moonica Consultancy Inc, an international company that specializes in promotion of North American business entities in the Middle East and South Asia. His experiences include working at the highest levels of government and business in the Middle East, China and South Asia.


Previously he served a full term of five years from 2002 through 2007 as a Member of Parliament and was inducted into the Federal cabinet in 2004 through 2007. His accomplishments include bringing a record $10 Billion of FDI into Pakistan from Europe, Middle East, China and the Far East.


Mr. Ghuman began his career as Director of Marketing for Moonica Corporation in Lahore, Pakistan, one of the largest manufacturers of Horse Riding equipment in the world, where he expanded market share and product lines and established quality control of various new lines. He has also been involved in the marketing of large US Defense firms in Pakistan through Moonica International.


Mr. Ghuman has also been involved in numerous charitable endeavors, among them IBF, a 501 C3 foundation, based in Pennsylvania, dedicated to changing the lives of poor people in Pakistan. He serves as President of the foundation and builds support from Members of Congress and other charitable organizations.

Mr. Ghuman attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a BA in Economics and South Asian Studies in 1996.

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