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Coalition/Association Management

Currently, our firm provides services to more than 100 clients, and has many years of experience providing a full range of coalition representation and management services to clients in both the public and private sector, including the Alliance for Clean Energy, Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy, Association of California Egg Farmers, Citizens for Consumer Banks, Cruise Lines International Association, International Climate Change Partnership, Keep America Moving Coalition, and Safe Buildings Alliance. These services have taken place at many levels, from strict public policy advocacy to complete management of the coalition’s agenda, including administrative management.



Alcalde & Fay’s success in managing coalitions derives from time invested in maintaining effective coordination among coalition members to ensure advocacy agendas are aligned. To accomplish this, the firm conducts regular conference calls and in-person meetings among coalition members to share knowledge, discuss advocacy strategies, and voice concerns. These discussions serve to foster the greatest level of collaboration. We also regularly contact other stakeholders to share knowledge and strategies where appropriate, including the federal government.



Full administrative management services by Alcalde & Fay includes formulating budgets and standard accounting services, the organization of regular meetings of coalition members, maintenance of websites, developing and implementing a communications strategy on behalf of the coalition, and regular preparation and distribution of materials.

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