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Government Contracting & Information Technology

While there are numerous and varied opportunities for companies to contract with the federal government, the process for competing and winning a contract is often complicated. Alcalde & Fay’s Government Contracting & Information Technology Practice Group specializes in assisting companies navigate the complex federal procurement process. Clients have ranged from HUBZone small business concerns to Fortune 500 Companies in a variety of sectors including cyber security, healthcare, defense, cloud computing, intelligence, and national security. 


Our issue areas on behalf of clients include the following:


Base Realignment and Closure

Data Center Consolidation

Pilot and Demonstration Projects

Prioritization of Federal Resources

Programmatic Authorization Language

Research and Development Support

Sequestration Guidance

Small Business Set Asides


Our experts will add value by helping your company develop a federal outreach strategy; prioritize objectives; build relationships on the Hill and at agencies; and develop federally-focused marketing materials. Our team will bring all the tools in our arsenal to help maintain and grow your government client base. 


Given the current economic environment, it is critical to ensure decision makers are aware of the benefits and cost savings of your product or service in order to contend in this competitive marketplace. Please contact us now so that we may help increase your federal market penetration and expand your success.

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