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Sue Hedrick

Chief Financial Officer

Sue Hedrick, Chief Financial Officer, heads the firm’s accounting department and handles all financial functions of the firm.


In this capacity, Ms. Hedrick administers receivables, payables, banking, invoicing, budgeting, employee benefits, insurance, general ledger, and payroll production, along with tax and treasury reporting. Her background in computers and data management provides important expertise in the fields of accounting, software, and hardware protocols. She continues to provide Alcalde & Fay with stable solutions on the changing range of information technology compatibility and troubleshooting. Prior to joining the firm in 1986, her professional experience included serving as accounting manager at both ITT Rainier in Valdosta, Georgia and the University of Georgia in Athens. Ms. Hedrick also provided similar services to locally based non-profit associations, patent and trademark law offices, and government consulting firms.


A native of Albany, Georgia, Ms. Hedrick is a graduate of Valdosta State University, Georgia.

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