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From the playground to the campus, America's educators are feeling the pinch of tighter budgets and regulations. With an understanding of both academic priorities and government policies, at Alcalde & Fay you'll find an Education Practice Group that has helped academic institutions of all sizes -- from one of the country's smallest colleges to one of the largest school systems in America -- to establish and implement their federal legislative strategy to deliver quality education.


Members of the Alcalde & Fay Education Practice Group know education from the inside. Members of the group have taught at every level -- from elementary school to college. Others have served on the boards of major public and private universities and even as the Rector for a prominent state university.


Our successes in the educational arena include the following:


Advanced Manufacturing Training Programs

Electronic Engineering Technology

Health Education and Sciences

Immigrant Education

Professional Development

School Safety and Security

Skilled Workforce Training Programs

Technology Infrastructure

Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training

TRIO Upward Bound Program

Vocational Education


The education pros at Alcalde & Fay know the challenges you face because they've been there. And, they understand the complexities involved in delivering quality educational services. That's why many community colleges, school systems, universities and non-profit educational foundations turn to Alcalde & Fay to help shape public policy and direct the federal resources needed to deliver the educational opportunities our children deserve. Contact Alcalde & Fay to help ensure that your positions and issues are part of the discussion.

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