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There are some who would say that Alcalde & Fay and "maritime" are synonymous. After all, we've been representing the interests of the cruise lines, maritime industry and some of our nation's largest seaports since our inception.


Have those interests changed? Certainly we live by different rules today and must constantly balance the free flow of commerce with the sensitive needs of homeland security. That's when four decades of experience can make a difference.


Some of the maritime interests of our clients include:


Port Security

Port Improvement and Expansion

Maritime Domain Awareness

Vessel Operation

Maritime Health and Safety Regulations

Environmental Stewardship

Intermodal Connections

International Laws and Uniformity

Visa Entry Requirements

Commercial Infrastructure


For 40 years, Alcalde & Fay's Maritime Practice Group has nurtured relationships with decision makers on Capitol Hill as well as with the U.S. Departments of State, Transportation and Agriculture; the U.S. Coast Guard and the Federal Maritime Commission; the Environmental Protection Agency and the Center for Disease Control; Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Customs Bureau; Department of Homeland Security; and Army Corps of Engineers.


Name a Washington entity, and if it has anything to do with cruise lines and national or international maritime issues, Alcalde & Fay has a long-standing working relationship with its leadership and decision makers. Alcalde & Fay offers you the highest level of congressional and regulatory expertise and the deepest knowledge of maritime issues. If you're looking for the best in maritime representation, then you're looking for Alcalde & Fay.

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