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Robert J. Catron


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Robert J. “Rob” Catron, Partner, represents corporate, association and governmental entities on matters such as government affairs and government business development. His experience includes representation of clients before Congress, state legislatures and federal, state and local government agencies. He has broad experience as a senior policy and political advisor for CEOs, senior corporate officers and local, state and federal office holders.  Mr. Catron has successfully assisted numerous clients through the authorization and appropriation process on Capitol Hill. His clients have sold tens of millions of dollars of products to government and he has worked to enact federal and state policy changes beneficial to his clients.  He has lobbied in more than 10 states and in Washington, DC.


Mr. Catron is also Managing Partner of Alcalde & Fay, Virginia, LLC, which advocates on behalf of clients before the Virginia General Assembly, the Executive Branch and local and regional governmental entities.  Mr. Catron has 30 years of experience working with members of the Virginia General Assembly and representing clients before state agencies. He has developed excellent personal and professional bi-partisan relationships with key decision makers throughout Virginia state government and has served clients with such varied interests as land use, environmental regulations, health care professions, technology, procurement, financial institutions, local governments, taxation and appropriations.


Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Catron served as Senior Vice President for Government Business Development at Lender Processing Services, a Fortune 1000 company, and as Senior Vice President for Government Affairs at TerreStar Networks, which operated integrated satellite and terrestrial telecommunications systems .  He founded and served as Executive Director of the National Modeling Analysis and Simulation Training Coalition, a defense industry group committed to educating Members of Congress and other decision-makers about the importance of simulated military training and analysis, and assisted with the formation of the Congressional Modeling and Simulation Caucus. Mr. Catron served as Chief of Staff for a Virginia Member of Congress and has successfully managed or consulted on more than 50 winning political campaigns for federal, state and local offices.


A native of South Florida, Mr. Catron is a graduate of Florida State University.  He holds credentials from the Republican National Committee’s Campaign Management College and is a proud veteran of the United States Army Reserve. Mr. Catron participated in numerous public policy symposiums and policy retreats conducted by George Mason University’s Mercatus Center on Capitol Hill.  Mr. Catron is a Director at the Mount Vernon Yacht Club.

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