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Grant Consulting

The federal government allocates over $350 billion via grants to public entities around the country. Alcalde & Fay is fully staffed to assist clients in capturing grants through current, authorized grant programs, and to monitor and obtain resources from emerging new programs in all areas of importance to our clients. We have trained professionals who are committed to identifying strategic grant opportunities; working with those we serve to draft and edit grant submissions, assisting in garnering local, regional and federal support for submissions, and engaging federal agency staff on behalf of our clients.



Lawmakers have stated time and again their

commitment to supporting local priorities.

These priorities will not be abandoned by the

federal government in the absence of

congressionally directed spending. Discretionary

spending will continue to be allocated to counties,

cities, seaports, water and transit agencies,

school districts, institutions of higher education,

hospitals and not-for-profit entities through grant

programs at the Federal agencies. Therefore,

pursuit of competitive grant resources has become

all the more important and Alcalde & Fay has

helped guide clients through this process, leading

them toward success in the federal grant arena.




At Alcalde & Fay, our clients have needs, and we have solutions. We provide A-to-Z assistance with your grant needs; from identifying those programs that are the best fit to meet a need, writing the application, and finally, in mobilizing support for applications that are submitted.

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