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Advocacy Communications

Having a message to tell is one thing. Being heard is another.



Alcalde & Fay can help raise your voice above the din and have it heard by those who matter. Advertisements, infotorials, social media, white papers, op-eds, letter writing campaigns, press conferences and events, viral campaigns, surveys, coalition building, and grassroots activism can all be harnessed to help build consensus around an issue and steer it to the best solution. We will develop strategies, craft your messages and explore every public relations option to have your position heard by those making public policy decisions.



Perhaps you need the help of like-minded

individuals or groups to carry your message

forward. We can help you design innovative

strategies, target potential allies, solicit their

support and motivate their involvement through

grassroots initiatives. If your goal is budgetary,

educational or acting as a catalyst for change,

we can help you get people to respond to your

message and your goals. We work on time and

on budget to deliver your message to the right




Alcalde & Fay can help you plan and implement fresh, strategic initiatives to tell your story, honestly, clearly, consistently and effectively. If you are facing image distortion, apathy or a misalignment of your issue, we can coordinate meaningful messages and outreach to motivate those who influence the decision makers and help deliver your message loud and clear.

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