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While many think of Washington, DC as a government town, in fact, it's a business town. Decisions affecting businesses worldwide -- and, more importantly, your business -- are made here every day. If you think your corporate issues and concerns should be a part of that decision making process, then you need the services of Alcalde & Fay's General/Corporate Practice Group.


For 40 years, Alcalde & Fay has represented a diverse list of clients with general corporate issues in taxation, regulations, telecommunications, corporate governance, healthcare and information technology to name a few. In the process, we have helped clients get proposed taxes rescinded; helped ensure legislative provisions to protect client interests; helped limit regulatory provisions and mandates by Congress; and helped protect budgetary priorities. Our experience also includes monitoring and influencing tax legislation; navigating the government procurement process; shaping government accounting public policy; affecting federal product safety standards; and promoting federal acceptance of new technologies and innovative products.


Alcalde & Fay's General/Corporate Practice Group is composed of partners and associates with specialties in such areas as environmental law, campaign and election law, telecommunications, healthcare, corporate and administrative law, and tax law. Many of these subject matter experts are attorneys by training, having served in government legal positions or have corporate law or law firm experience. Former Congressional leaders and recognized experts in issue areas like environmental standards, broadcasting tax certification and international maritime law complete the impressive array of professionals who will represent your business interests before the Administration, Congress and regulatory agencies.


Changes come so quickly today, with individuals and businesses being called upon to respond to increasingly complex challenges. Why go it alone? Contact us, and let us put Alcalde & Fay's General/Corporate Practice Group to work for you.

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